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  • In 2017 the United States International Exhibition of audio-visual display about creative brand VTEAM with you
    On June 14, 2017 -16, the three days of "United States International AV Exhibition (InfoComm USA 2017)" will be in the United States. Orlando Orange County Convention Center was held. As the world's largest, most widely influential audio-visual industry event, this exhibition br...
  • VTEAM management team to Huizhou annual summary conference
    In order to improve the company's management team to communicate and exchange, to further promote the management ideas, management mode and management concept innovation, improve product quality and customer service service level, VTEAM opted for a special meeting. December 23, 2016 to 25, S...
  • VTEAM with the latest LED transparent screen debut Shanghai international LED Exhibition
          With the Shanghai LED exhibition has ended, throughout the LED Pavilion, in addition to various enterprises launched strong all kinds of new products, there is a maximum of LED small spacing and transparent display screen, wherein the transparent screen as a new prod...
  • VTEAM adventure Cologne gorge rafting
    In order to create a healthy corporate culture, improve staff spirit culture, VTEAM company held once a year of travel activities - Qingyuan Gu gap drifting, drifting in the journey we feel is not only that a joy and excitement, there is unity and courage, the spirit of collaboration and coo...
  • VTEAM: the creative dream deep soft screen Market
            Black once said: "in order to create a great performance in the street hustle won't make a difference." everyone does not love walking in the crowded environment, vice versa. So LED screen enterprise characteristic path only to find suitable for their own development...
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