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  • Stage LED rental screen role and development trend
    The performing arts industry is an important part of the cultural industry. With the rapid development of the economy and the improvement of living standards, people's demand for spiritual culture has further increased. The stage rental LED screen has a broad prospect as a tool for presenting ...
  • Mall LED transparent screen application value and selection
    Mall LED display is used for brand promotion, product promotion, creating a good shopping atmosphere and mobilizing atmosphere. The emergence of transparent screens provides the mall with more options: transparent, cool, stylish, and technologically pleasing. The weight of conventional LED ...
  • Five solutions for building media technology focus on transparent LED exterior wall screens
    The high-rise building in the city is a good outdoor advertising carrier. Through LED, projection and other technical means, the building becomes a three-dimensional optical advertising carrier. This technology is called “construction media” technology and has been used in recent years. It ...
  • Value application of LED transparent screen in automobile 4S shop
    At present, the competition in the automobile industry is becoming increasingly fierce. The automobile 4S shop has promoted new recruitment in service and channels to further enhance the popularity of the automobile brand. Intuitive is auto 4 s shop front, directly face the customer, also is the...
  • How does the glass plank interactive LED transparent screen effect be achieved?
    In the latest two years, transparent glass interactive LED screens have risen, and the major attractions have followed suit. Then how to use the LED transparent screen in the glass path is as follows: As the glass plank path is used outdoors in the mountains or cliffs, the use of LED tra...
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