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  • Full-color LED interactive floor screen principle and design scheme
    The product is widely used in stage display, commercial application, shop decoration and other directions through innovative design. The appearance of interactive floor floors provides a more novel way of expression for various performances and creative designs. It is a display device for the cur...
  • LED interactive floor screen brand - interactive LED floor manufacturer which is good
    LED interactive floor screen brand which is better? How to find a suitable interactive LED floor manufacturer, many agents and customers are also more difficult to identify a time, but also very messy, the product is a wide variety. However, with the advancement of technology , as long as it...
  • LED transparent screen before maintenance and post-maintenance difference?
      The LED transparent screen can not only play colorful screens, but also can better integrate with the application environment and display a perfect display effect. The transparent LED display will produce some wear and tear in the process of use, and requires regular inspection and ma...
  • How to check the full color transparent LED display model?
    How to see the full-color transparent LED display model? Sometimes it is necessary to quickly determine the model of the display. What are the solutions? Here is the experience shared by VTEAM: 1. Determine the LED transparent screen model by viewing the distance. For example, stand...
  • How much is a LED transparent screen squared?
    The transparent LED display has a permeability of 60% to 90%, and the fashionable and fantastic display effect has won the favor of the market. It is widely used in exhibitions, stage performances, glass curtain walls and other fields. Many people will ask how much is a transparent square LE...
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