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  • How to detect transparent LED display screen body is standard?
        Non-professionals on the transparent LED display little understanding, when you choose to buy, inevitably will encounter many problems. The following for everyone to share transparent LED display screen and box test standards.     At the time of purchase, transparent...
  • Creative LED display classification and features advantages
    With the improvement of human living standards and spiritual pursuit, people's requirements for LED display are also getting higher and higher. Creative LED display came into being. Creative LED display, also known as shaped screen, is a new branch of the LED display based on innovati...
  • Double-sided transparent LED display advantages and structure
    Common LED transparent screen is single-sided, can only display one side of the message, and double-sided transparent LED display is superimposed on two screens, front and rear can play advertising information plane. Double-sided transparent LED display The main advantages:   Doubl...
  • Outdoor led screen rental price how much money?
    With a variety of commercial activities more and more, such as festivals, entertainment parties, concerts, car shows, etc. will use the LED rental display. For businesses and the use of customers, Outdoor led screen rental price how much money?,on the one hand you can understand the cost, the ...
  • Stage LED display rental use and installation of precautions
    In the daily celebration activities and large parties, stage LED display is widely used. On the one hand the use of time is not long, more economical rent; on the other hand by the rental company to install and field commission, eliminating unnecessary trouble. Stage LED display rental use ...
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