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VTEAM LED transparent screen creative case, there is always a let you heart!
Nowadays, transparent LED screen have been able to meet the demand of most creative display, especially in business or the choreography, etc, the following is a VTEAM transparent LED screen creative cases, there is always a worth you enchanted!

Project: Internet 22 anniversary party "numerical control cube"
Time: April 2016

Model: G-10

Internet 22 anniversary party

Project introduction: China Internet development foundation, Beijing TV station jointly organized "4.20 Internet world sharing future" China access to the Internet 22 year theme party. The pioneering use of "virtual space" to construct the stage "numerical control cube". The design that can rise and fall, the change stage pattern that can change easily, present countless modelling changes.

Project: Beijing TV folk song contest "stone"
Time: June 2016

Model: G-10

Beijing TV folk song contest

Project introduction: Beijing television host of the conference on "Chinese folk song", the choreography ethnic characteristics, reflect the Chinese elements and the aesthetic on the macro perspective, with the design of the "stone" as the main landscape of stage, the stage on both sides of the tower with "stone", modeling to complete all the set, through the picture, let the audience to ignore "stone" the modelling of consciousness itself, bring more associations.

Project: guo fucheng performance of Hong Kong station "smart stage"
Time: August 2016

guo fucheng performance of Hong Kong station

Project introduction: guo fucheng 2016 "dance Lin password" concert, "intelligent stage" consists of three rectangular stages, each of which can independently 360 degree rotation, also can rise and fall. The stage is covered with LED fluorescent curtains and the facade is transparent and the dancers can be seen dancing inside. The smart lighting of the scene also matches the performance program of the intelligent stage, which can be reflected in different images, such as train, rain, flying sword, etc., and the special effects are amazing to the audience.

Project: zhoubi chang guangzhou station "jiugong"
Time: August 2017
Model: vClear-7.8

zhoubi chang guangzhou station

Project introduction: zhoubi chang NOT TYPICAL world tour concert, surrealistic colorful vision, the grand creation of the beautiful dance equipment, let all the fans spend the unforgettable summer night. The stage background of the "jiugong", which can be rotated horizontally, is clearly displayed in front of the fans by the special lighting design of the venue, the dazzling animation effects and the style of the style of the character design.
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