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LED transparent screen two common fault diagnosis and solutions
Transparent LED display process, it is inevitable there will be problems, common is the video controller failure and screen failure, the following analysis of these two failures to facilitate the solution:

Video controller troubleshooting

1, sending data failed
Check the video controller to the computer USB cable is connected.

2, graphics settings can not see the copy option
1) video controller is powered;
2) reconnect the DVI cable;
3) Check the computer DVI or HDMI is normal.

3, LED transparent screen is not controlled
1) Check whether the DVI LED of the video controller is on and WORK indicator is flashing. If the DVI LED is off, the WORK LED is not flashing. Check that the DVI connection between PC and video controller is normal and the computer is in copy mode.
2) If the video controller indicator light is normal, then check the transparent LED screen power cord is connected and powered on, the video controller to the display signal line is connected properly.
ShenZhen VTEAM LED curtain wall screen Isky
screen fault diagnosis

1, according to the power and signal indicator to determine whether the transparent screen connection is normal:
1) Power Indicator (Red): The red light indicates that the power is connected properly, and the light is not on to indicate that the power is not properly connected.
2) Signal indicator (green): Green light indicates normal signal connection, green light flashes to indicate signal input.
2, if the light is normal and the screen body does not shine, indicating that there is a problem with the display, please contact VTEAM technical support.
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