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Netherlands ISE 2018 | VTEAM bring new live show wonderful
2018 The Netherlands International Professional Audio Visual and Systems Integration Exhibition (ISE 2018) was held on February 6-9 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. ISE is the world's largest audience of professional audio-visual and systems integration exhibition, audio-visual technology represents the highest authority in the field of business applications, but also the industry's most influential event.

Shenzhen VTEAM Co., Ltd. ("VTEAM") to participate in the exhibition, the VTEAM exhibitors products include LED transparent screen vClear-S, iClear-S, LED soft screen EcoDOT and rental Vetris series.

During the exhibition, VTEAM team of professionals at the scene to provide customers with the most professional product introduction and technical support for customers to understand VTEAM products, recognized VTEAM brand.

VTEAM's sales expertise and technical team expertise and service attitude, so that more businesses have a deeper understanding of VTEAM. Each overseas exhibition, will be a lot of rewards, which shows VTEAM's influence in the international arena is steadily improving, more and more overseas customers get the recognition.

Hard work to pay off the joy of return, the exhibition site for the display soft screen and transparent products have been booked, and also reap a lot of orders and items of interest.

ISE show is not over yet, wonderful continues! VTEAM booth 12-H20 (main), 8-A240. Welcome friends have time to visit the guide,thank you for the attention and support to VTEAM!
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