What LED sky screen design requirements?
LED sky screen is installed in the ceiling of the building, played rendering, decoration, lighting effects. Generally applicable to high-grade star hotel lobby, commercial pedestrian street, the city center square and other large building ceiling, large area, light weight, different shapes. So, LED screen design and installation process what are the technical requirements?

Compared with the traditional LED display project, LED canopy technology and installation and maintenance of higher requirements, from design, manufacturing to installation of the project, the test is the overall strength of an enterprise. But also requires harsh materials in many aspects such as material application, structure mode, control performance, technical structure, construction and maintenance, etc., And requires the integration of acousto-optoelectronic technology and architectural aesthetics design into the project to realize light and shadow interlacing and vocal music lingering.

ShenZhen VTEAM transparent LED sky screen

Light and transparent

As the LED screen project area is usually very large, the use of lifting installation, the load-bearing structure is the test, therefore, requires thin LED sky screen design. In addition, the design requirements of beautiful appearance, so that the implementation of the entire sky during the process of adding luster.

Easy to use

Easier to operate, including maintenance, commissioning and use. Lightweight product design to reduce labor costs in the subsequent installation and maintenance process, so that the whole process more efficient.

Standard modular design

For the sake of manufacturing, the LED sky-screen box needs a certain size. If the box is too large, the production is difficult and the transportation is inconvenient. The standard design of the LED sky screen cabinet allows the LED display of the original, power, control, unit structure integration, easy to aging, commissioning, transportation and installation.

Currently on the market has emerged new transparent LED sky screen, this sky is lighter, more thorough, more magic! The screen can be rendered translucent visual effect during the day, good lighting can be seen blue sky and white clouds; night, beautiful stars can be broadcast under the bright stars, accompanied by wonderful sound effects, to bring people a stunning visual feast .

VTEAM transparent LED sky screen Isky has successfully applied the market, reflecting VTEAM from design, manufacturing to installation of the project, from product technology development to the company management system and several other comprehensive capabilities. At the same time, I also thank our customers for their trust and support. We will give back to you with better products and better service. 
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