Why LED transparent screen rarely used in the field of outdoor?
At present, LED transparent screen and more for indoor environment, including the stage,glass curtain wall, auto show and other fields. So why LED transparent screen rarely used in the field of outdoor?

The main reasons are as follows:

1. Outdoor requirements waterproof

We know that conventional LED screen protection grade IP65, because the diversity of outdoor environment must be required waterproof and dustproof. At present, LED transparent screen protection grade are generally IP30, can only be used indoors, completely unsuitable for long-term outdoor use.

2 outdoor high brightness requirements

Outdoor light is strong, which determines the outdoor LED display brightness is higher, generally above 4000CD/㎡, if the brightness is not handled well, there will be reflective and other conditions, the viewing effect will be affected. The indoor ambient light is weak, not high brightness requirements, generally about 2000CD/㎡, you can.

It is the lack of these two points, so that LED transparent screen seldom used in the whole outdoor environment, but this one great market prospects, many manufacturers have to develop a new generation of semi-outdoor LED transparent screen to speed up the process of transparent screen out of the outdoors, Perhaps with the market potential to further enhance the transparent LED display to the outdoor market has become possible.

ShenZhen VTEAM transparent LED screen vClear

LED transparent display with its new visual experience and application experience, with a unique display, thin design, high-end fashion technology breath, glow a new display image, and gradually attracted the attention of the market opportunities unlimited. At present, the vClear series of transparent screen developed by VTEAM belongs to the semi-outdoor use products, and the brightness reaches 4000~4500CD/㎡, which can meet the demand of the outdoor rental market.
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