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Transparent led screen highlights Xi'an light shadow China Year

Different comparing to the traditional Chinese new year, the theme of this Xi'an Year  in Xi'an High-tech Zone is“Xi'an Year, The most China, fashion Xi’an, and Go high-tech”, and the  world’s first-line lighting devices were brought there since they are the main parts for this  interactive theme. It makes the activities either traditional or modern, either Technology or trend, from the beginning of the Spring Festival to the Lantern Festival. More than 100 events laid out with uninterrupted music and fireworks lighting the scene. A great success is achieved and it appeals a huge popularity boom in China.

The transparent led screen built on-site by VTEAM has wonderfully highlighted the high-tech and trendy Xi'an light and shadow year. Blooming fireworks and flowing waterfall appear on the LED screen where people feel a perfect visual feast.

Project Information:
Time: February 2018
Location: Xi'an High-tech Zone square
Area: 600m2
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