How to check the full color transparent LED display model?

How to see the full-color transparent LED display model? Sometimes it is necessary to quickly determine the model of the display. What are the solutions? Here is the experience shared by VTEAM:


1. Determine the LED transparent screen model by viewing the distance. For example, standing within 10 meters, the LED screen looks more vague and unclear, but at about 10 meters, the effect is fairly normal, so this screen's minimum viewing distance is about 10 meters, according to the formula: minimum line-of-sight = point spacing The point spacing is about 10mm, so the model is P10, but for experienced people, this method is more applicable.

2. Know the transparent LED display model by dot spacing. Observe the distance between the two LED lights horizontally or vertically. We know that the P10 transparent screen dot spacing is 10mm, P3.9 transparent screen dot spacing is 3.9mm. If the naked eye observes a distance of 10mm between the lamp beads, it can be concluded that the display is a P10 model. If you are not sure, if the conditions permit, you can use a ruler to measure the distance between the beads. For example, if the measurement result is 10mm, you can confirm that this LED display model is P10.

In addition, you can also understand through the LED transparent screen manufacturers, generally in the air box or shipping list will be the standard configuration and specifications.
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