"Chinese poetry conference finals" LED transparent screen to help cultural feast
The third quarter of the "Chinese Poetry Conference" opened with a veil of aestheticism, "standard" remains the same - hosted by Dong Qing, Wang Liqun, Kang Zhen, Meng Man and Li Bo served as review guests. The finals premiered on CCTV-1 at 20:05 on April 4th.

In the third quarter, the theme of “Life's Own Poetry” was continued, the program was upgraded, and the “Linked Poems” and “Super Flying Flower Order” were added. The classical Chinese poetry, the essence of Chinese culture, was communicated to every Chinese with interesting topics, intense confrontations, wonderful interpretations and warm affection.

In the third quarter, the stage has also been upgraded. The background of the stage has been entirely curved, like a silk belt. The top and the sides of the stage are designed using VTEAM vClear-3.9/7.8 to create a transparent, thin, bright screen, the depth of field of the screen becomes longer, novel and unique, while not hindering the stage design to leave light to hang and play space, Give the entire stage a certain atmosphere and dynamic, more prominent theme.

In recent years, with the vigorous development of cultural undertakings, a group of "Hundred Forums", "Chinese Poetry Conference" and "Green Water Watching China" have enjoyed a wide range of connotations, tastes, and quality of culture. The program set off a wave of wave of television cultural programs to win the audience's attention and gain a good deal of success.

Different stage styles, unique shapes, the stage LED display has also been an unprecedented development, especially  transparent LED screen has become a new trend, leading the stage in the stage dance beauty position.

VTEAM has successively created a series of classic cases such as "Beijing Folk Song Contest", "The Battle of Tianzhu Second Quarter" and "Touched China". As the leading transparent LED screen company in China, VTEAM will continue to contribute to the cause of China's stage industry!
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