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LED transparent screen before maintenance and post-maintenance difference?

  The LED transparent screen can not only play colorful screens, but also can better integrate with the application environment and display a perfect display effect. The transparent LED display will produce some wear and tear in the process of use, and requires regular inspection and maintenance by the technicians. Speaking of maintenance, the maintenance of LED transparent screens is mainly divided into pre-maintenance and post-maintenance. What is the difference between these two maintenance methods?

ShenZhen VTEAM LED transparent screen

   Maintenance and LED display installation environment and installation are inseparable. The LED display installation methods are mainly divided into: lifting installation, stacking installation and mounting.

   Pre-maintenance: Pre-maintenance is characterized by space-saving, extremely valuable for indoor space, and will not leave too many places as maintenance access. Therefore, the previous maintenance can greatly reduce the overall thickness of the LED transparent screen structure, and can also save space while ensuring the effect. However, this kind of structure requires very high heat dissipation capabilities of the device.

  Post-maintenance: The greatest benefit of post-maintenance is convenience, suitable for roof mounting. For large LED transparent screens installed in glass curtain walls, it is easier for maintenance personnel to enter and operate from the rear.

  To sum up, for different application environments and actual needs, it is necessary to flexibly select the method of pre-maintenance or post-maintenance in order to better and faster repair the problem of transparent display screen failure. Of course, technical support is also needed. Maintenance should avoid incompatibilities and mismatches during operation.

  At present, VTEAM LED transparent screen adopts plug-in type light bar design, which supports both front and rear maintenance methods of the screen body, and only needs to replace a single light bar. The operation is simple, the maintenance cost is low, and the time is short.
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