Mall LED transparent screen application value and selection
Mall LED display is used for brand promotion, product promotion, creating a good shopping atmosphere and mobilizing atmosphere. The emergence of transparent screens provides the mall with more options: transparent, cool, stylish, and technologically pleasing.

The weight of conventional LED display screens is generally 30kg/m2 or more, which places heavy demands on the original building structure. It requires a large-scale steel frame structure at the time of construction, which takes time and effort. Also, due to its impenetrability, it is dark after installation. One, affecting the aesthetic appearance of shopping mall buildings, blocking the sun and sight, affecting the lighting.

The LED transparent screen, light and beautiful, does not require high load-bearing capacity, and does not require a large amount of steel structure when it is set up; it does not affect the appearance of the building in appearance when it is not lighted; high permeability guarantees the floors, glass facades, windows, etc. between store floors. The lighting requirements of the lighting structure, as well as good heat dissipation, and ease of installation and maintenance. When playing advertisements, when designing advertisement content screens, unnecessary background colors are removed and replaced with black. Only the expressed content is displayed, and the appropriate part of the playback does not emit light, that is, a transparent effect. Large reduction of light pollution can also reduce energy consumption, and can save more than 30% energy than conventional LED display.

ShenZhen VTEAM transparent LED screen

According to the characteristics of shopping malls, combined with the actual needs of customers, the following is a choice of transparent LED display screens given by Wittem Optoelectronics:

Mall LED transparent screen features:
1. Indoor use, protection class IP30, does not require waterproof, can be customized for special places high degree of protection.
2, fixed installation, does not affect the original wall structure
3, high permeability, does not affect the shielding effect
2, consistent with the mall center image, can achieve remote control and operation
3, the viewing distance is relatively close, requiring clear display, within 4mm of the pixel pitch.

other requirements:
· The advertising content on the LED transparent screen can be replaced at any time, displaying different advertisements throughout the day.
· Can be maintained before, requiring fast maintenance, quick troubleshooting, ensure normal playback
·Using an efficient optical fiber transmission system, effectively reducing the signal transmission delay caused by the distance and ensuring the consistency of screen playback.

Mall LED transparent screen is generally based on the mall environment, using a personalized design, and the installation environment is coordinated, can choose to maintain LED full color transparent screen, can be diversified modeling design; choose LED cabinet size products, ultra-thin, Point-to-point LED transparent screen with 4mm or more pitch.
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