Stage LED rental screen role and development trend

The performing arts industry is an important part of the cultural industry. With the rapid development of the economy and the improvement of living standards, people's demand for spiritual culture has further increased. The stage rental LED screen has a broad prospect as a tool for presenting content in stage activities.

VTEAM stage background led display big screen case

What are the benefits of performing LED rental screens?

1, can save investment equipment costs

Every LED rental screen has a purchase cost. For the performing arts company, it is unrealistic to purchase a large number of LED rental display screens as backup. However, by using the rental method, the professional LED rental screen company can obtain the right to use in the performance. The cost of using the time is saved, which can save a lot of equipment input costs.

2, no management and maintenance

For the performing arts company, because the LED rental screen is rented, as long as the rental screen is properly operated during the performance, it can be completely returned without human damage. Therefore, there is no need to store and manage it in a special place, and there is no need to carry out professional maintenance on the rental screen.

3, saving labor costs

When the performing arts company organizes the event, as long as the LED screen rental company negotiates in advance, the rental company will transport the required LED rental screen at the specified time, and provide professional technicians to install and debug it, thus saving transportation. And the labor costs of the installation.

The above is the benefit of performing arts companies using LED rental screens. LED rental screens are undoubtedly a large investment in many devices, so the use of rental methods can save equipment investment costs, management costs and related labor costs.

stage LED display Screen Development Trend

The rapid development of the performing arts industry stimulated the demand for display screens in the rental market. Overall, the rental market is in strong demand, with low barriers to entry and fierce competition. Among them, cultural performing arts activities are no longer the exclusive entertainment modes of first-tier cities, and are spreading to third- and fourth-tier cities at a relatively fast pace.

However, most of the towns today use solid-mounted LED displays in the field of beauty, which not only lacks the advantages of easy-to-install, easy-to-remove and other rental screens, but also cannot realize the creative construction on the stage, which greatly limits the three. The development of the performing arts industry in the fourth-tier cities.
In addition, there are relatively few related professional and technical personnel, which requires the LED rental screen installation operation to be simpler, more convenient to maintain, and thinner. The characteristics of small and medium-sized performing arts market, targeted and cost-effective, simple operation of control system equipment will be favored by leasing companies. In terms of functions, too many unnecessary high-end functions may not be market needs, nor will they become a product selling point. On the contrary, precise functional design and complete solutions will be welcomed by the market.
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