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Principle and classification of special-shaped LED transparent screen
The conventional LED transparent screen can not fully meet the market demand. In addition to the daily display function, the requirements on the shape are further improved, so that it is better adapted to the overall structure and use requirements of the environment, and the special-shaped LED transparent screen is generated accordingly.

Compared with the conventional LED transparent screen, the special-shaped LED transparent screen appears, with better styling ability, meets special customization requirements, and meets the diverse needs of viewing vision, injecting new vitality into the transparent screen industry.

special-shaped LED transparent display screen

Compared with the conventional LED transparent screen, the special-shaped LED transparent screen pays more attention to the structural breakthrough, and because of the different appearances and different structures, the requirements for research and development and production process are higher. If the manufacturer's technology is not enough, the LED screens that are spliced will have many problems such as uneven layout and uneven layout, which will affect the viewing effect and undermine the aesthetics of the overall design. More importantly, the design of the circuit and structure of the LED profiled screen is more complicated, and the manufacturer's R&D capability is highly demanded.

At present, there are mainly the following types of LED shaped transparent screens: arc, sector, triangle, circle and other structural forms, the most common of which is the curved LED transparent screen. At present, VTEAM has developed a curved LED strip structure, which realizes a curved surface from the PCB strip profile. Achieve large angle arc shape, you can customize the arc size.

As a professional LED transparent screen manufacturer, VTEAM pays close attention to the market and user needs, paying attention to the research and development and breakthrough of the special-shaped LED transparent screen technology.
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