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LED video dance floor features,How to realize interactive LED floor screen?
What is the LED floor screen ?
It is an LED display designed for ground display. It has been specially designed in terms of load bearing, protection performance and heat dissipation performance, so that it can adapt to high-strength pedaling and long-term normal operation.

LED dance floor features :
1. Quick and flexible installation: direct rail mounting without tools.
2. High load-bearing capacity: The load-bearing capacity reaches 1.5 tons/㎡.
3. Convenient maintenance: direct exchange does not require removal of adjacent cabinets
4. High contrast: technical design mask, clear play
5. Low brightness and high gray, showing uniform gray scale and good consistency

6. Safety protection, face mask treated with a matte finish, anti-slip and anti-glare.

VTEAM interactive LED dance floor screen

VTEAM led floor

Interactive LED dance floor principle :
On the basis of the LED dance floor screen, the sensor interaction function is added. The LED dance floor is equipped with a pressure sensor or a capacitive sensor or an infrared sensor. When the person moves on the ground screen, the sensor can sense the position of the person and feedback the trigger information to the main controller, and then the main controller logic determines After that, the corresponding display effect is output.

For example, by means of infrared sensing, it is possible to track the movement trajectory of a person, and to follow the activity of the human body to present an immediate picture effect, thereby achieving effects such as an actor and an audience walking, water ripples under the feet, and flowers opening.

VTEAM LED video floor screen Imagic has a pixel pitch of 3.9mm, 6.25mm and 8.9mm. It is lightweight, flexible and easy to install and maintain. The cabinet size is 500x500mm and the weight of a single cabinet is only 11.5KG. Customized sensing capabilities can be customized as needed. The load-bearing capacity is above 1.5 tons/m2, and the loadable car can drive on its surface. Welcome to know.
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