Outdoor Transparent LED Screen vClear Series

vClear  serise is a high tranparency semi-outdoor LED screen with outstanding clarity, lightweight, thin and high IP Rating. The modular design makes high efficient installation and maintenance. Also it's stable and durable for semi-outdoor application, which is widely used for Airport,rail station, metro station, conference center, hotels, theaters, shopping malls and other kinds of commercial events.

●  Ultra light, only 8.5kg/cabinet, easy to install and dismount.
●  Ultra-thin, only 28mm thickness, make sure high transparency .
●  High transparency,more than 50% to 70%, wide viewing angle.
●  Easy maintenance, fast lock design make sure fast installtion and dismount.
●  Fanless design makes it work noiseless, and energy-saving.

Outdoor Transparent LED Screen vClear Series
 Part Number   vClear-3.9/7.8 vClear-7.8 vClear-10.4
 Pixel Pitch (H/V)  3.9/7.8mm 7.8mm 10.42mm
 LED Configuration  SMD 1921 SMD 1921 SMD 1921
 Pixel Density  32768dot/m2 16384dot/m2 9216dot/m2
 Transparency 48% 48% 70%
 Module Size  500X62.48mm 500X62.48mm 500X83.32mm
 Module Resolution  128X8dot 64X8dot 48X8dot
 Cabinet Size  1000X500mm 1000X500mm 1000X500mm
 Cabinet Resolution  256X64dot 128X64dot 96X48dot
 Cabinet Weight  8.5kg/Panel 8.5kg/Panel 8.5kg/Panel
 IP Rating ( front/back) IPX5 IPX5 IPX5
 Brightness 2500~3000CD/m2   2500~3000CD/m2   2500~3000CD/m2  
 Viewing Angle (H/V)  140°/140° 140°/140° 140°/140°
 Viewing Distance 4m 8m 10m
 Gray Scale 14bit 14bit 14bit
 Max.Power Consumption  600W/m? 600W/m? 600W/m?
 Ave.Power Consumption 240W/m? 240W/m? 240W/m?
 Refresh Rate 1920Hz 1920Hz 1920Hz
 Control Mode Synchronous display with control PC by DVI
 Support Input Composite,S-Vido,Component,VGA,DVI,HDMI,HD_SDI
 Operation Power AC110~ 240V,  50/60Hz
 Operating Temperature  0°C~40°C(work) , - 20°C~60°C(store)
 Operating Humidity 35%~85% (work) , 10%~90% (store)
 Operating Life ≥100,000hours

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