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  • Netherlands ISE 2018 | VTEAM bring new live show wonderful
    2018 The Netherlands International Professional Audio Visual and Systems Integration Exhibition (ISE 2018) was held on February 6-9 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. ISE is the world's largest audience of professional audio-visual and systems integration exhibition, audio-visual techn...
  • VTYEAM invites you to the Spring Festival gala in 2018
    In the old days, to thank customers friends and partners to support, and all the staff years of hard work and pay, shenzhen VTEAM Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the "VTEAM") will be on January 12, 2018, (Spring Festival gala events held at QuanFu floor restaurant, we since...
  • VTEAM LED transparent screen for the second season of "the war of nature"
    By dragon TV dedecates road to build a large star element combining with inspirational music program in the second quarter, the war of the music under the people's anticipation, on October 15, a strong return to big screen TV, updated every Sunday night at 21:00. On the basis of the fixed me...
  • VTEAM LED transparent screen creative case, there is always a let you heart!
    Nowadays, transparent LED screen have been able to meet the demand of most creative display, especially in business or the choreography, etc, the following is a VTEAM transparent LED screen creative cases, there is always a worth you enchanted! Project: Internet 22 anniversary party "n...
  • VIsible world Unlimited imagination,Conformal screen Dedicated to all creative people
    In the city Countless ideas born here every day  Here Dot , line ,side are creating countless surprised expression A window A door A building A bridge We custom-made unique LED display To make the unique scenery shared in all the city  She is a scrolls of painting in the moun...
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