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  • Vision
    Global leading creative LED display brand
    VTEAM's plan is to lead the industry to lead the LED creative screen, a well-known brand industry. Up and down as one, long-term struggle, all the way forward
  • Idea
    To Create value and profit for customers
    VTEAM customer-centric, that customers create value as their responsibility, employees through the service customers to create opportunities to create high quality of life.
  • Concept
    Innovation and development, integrity and win-win situation
    VTEAM focus on continuous innovation, sustainable development, "integrity" for the operation of the country, to achieve win-win situation.
  • Values
    Integrity, enterprising, grateful, sharing
    VTEAM adhere to the integrity-based business, proactive, for customers to create value, focus on teamwork, Thanksgiving culture, and create and share value.
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