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  • Interactive LED transparent screen implementation of two common methods
    The traditional transparent LED display is aimed at the audience in the way of "one-way communication", which is not only "passive", but also gradually lack of dynamic and new ideas. As a result, with the rapid development of LED transparent display technology, the interaction between LED...
  • What are the conditions for the auto show transparent led display screen ?
    The transparent LED display can easily create a smart, translucent aesthetic, full of fashion and technology. Popular in the high-end business display field. In the above-mentioned sea car show and Guangzhou auto show, the LED transparent screen competes with the new car products in the bo...
  • The most detailed and reasonable transparent LED display screen type division
    transparent LED display screen has been favored by the market since its launch, and is widely used in various fields such as stage, auto show and TV station. How to classify transparent LED display screens? Today,will introduce you to: First, according to the way of lamp bead placement 1....
  • Transparent LED screen VS conventional LED display, comparative analysis
    transparent LED screen is based on the principle of conventional LED display display, combined with the principle of louver structure, the gap is formed by the light bar to form a transparent. At present, it is mainly used in the fields of glass curtain wall, stage dance beauty, commercial di...
  • LED transparent screen water treatment method and measures
    In the process of using the LED transparent screen, especially when it is used against the glass curtain wall or the outdoor environment, it suddenly encounters weather such as rain and water. If it continues to be used, it is easy to malfunction. How to deal with this occasional emergency sit...
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