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Transparent LED Display Isky

Isky series is one kind of led transparent display with high-transparency and high-brightness. Creative long strip bar design assure good viewing effect and amazing light throughout. High brightness make sure the good performance in the daytime which is widely used in large-scale building facade and glass wall, super shopping, conference and exhibition center halls, auto 4s store, etc.Can achieve a new perfect tyoe of building and LED display. it's target to combine the LED screen with the construction perfectly.

1.  For outdoor advertising.High brightness 6000 nits 
2.  Super high transparency rate≥75%
3.  Side-emitting technology, super slim and lightweight (13 kg/sqm) 
4.  Light strip sleeve (optional), IP43 protection grade 
5.  The dimensions can be customized, the length is no more than 3 meters, 
and the light bar can be cut the exclusive requirements of projects.

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