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Outdoor HD LED rental display V-Spirit

V-Spirit  series is a new III generation indoor die-casting aluminum Cabinet body. It adopts integrated high-strength frame design, modular design of cabinet, module and power supply. With 1515 black light, dark mask design, low gray display effect is better. Support front and rear maintenance, and the cabinet maintenance is more convenient

1.  Light and sturdy,the cabinet is only 8.6kg, high-strength die-cast aluminum frame.

2.  Modular design, Realize front & rear maintenance
3.  Curved angle lock. Can be assembled inside and outside arc; 4 arcs ( -5° -2.5° 0° 5° )
4.  Protection angle, better protection module for static and transportation.
5.  Various installations. Hoisting, seat, wall mounting.
6.  Adapt to rapid maintenance in a variety environments.

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