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LED flexible screen
LED flexible screen, generally called LED soft screen, adopts flexible pcb and silicone bottom shell kit, can be installed on any curved surface, and can be spliced into curved screen, cylindrical screen, curved screen, and streamer screen as required. Mainly used in hotel advertising, stage rental, television, shopping malls, outdoor stadiums, concerts, playgrounds and other fields, especially various irregular buildings and structures.

1. Any bending, flexible screen is soft, light and thin, suitable for any bending effect
2. Super flexible, flexible screen can be customized according to customer needs, design rolling, bending and swinging and other effects.
3. Ultra-thin, using special materials and advanced technology, ultra-thin and ultra-light, the weight of a single module is only 185g
5. Diverse choices, flexible screens have a variety of models to choose from
6. A wide range of applications, used in hotel advertising, stage rental, TV, shopping malls, outdoor stadiums, concerts, especially various irregular buildings

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