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Watershed in 2017 LED display industry, small and medium-sized enterprise reshuffle
LED display development so far, the industry has been shuffling for many years, the current LED display industry is in a stage of development and improvement, the "strong is not strong, the weak is not weak," the industry has not been a fundamental change in the pattern of industry Concentration to be further strengthened.

To the listed companies as the representative of the first-line brand enterprises in the past, although in the production line, channel and brand building continued force, but the industry to the pattern of small and medium-sized enterprises is still obvious, the annual LED display main business revenue of 1 billion yuan Enterprises do not exceed 5, most of the business revenue in the billion below. These small and medium-sized enterprise financing and anti-risk ability is low, product homogeneity is serious, lack of competitiveness, in the sustained macroeconomic downturn, coupled with the general price of raw materials last year, suppliers are reluctant to lend and other unfavorable factors, some small and medium enterprises It will be difficult to cross this threshold.

Small and medium-sized enterprise filtering, industry resources will be further occupied by large enterprises, in the case of large enterprises need to expand the business situation, the future, mergers and acquisitions and cross-border will become LED display enterprises to expand the scale and the pursuit of profit in a significant way, and In a long period of time continued to occur. The performance of the main horizontal cross-border mergers and acquisitions and cross-border mergers and acquisitions in two areas, horizontal mergers and acquisitions will be within the industry segments have a certain influence in the field of major companies in the leasing, transparent screen, soft module profiled screen field expertise will be subject Sought after; cross-border mergers and acquisitions, AR / VR will remain hot, in addition, the media, sports, education and other fields will continue to be concerned about.

It is noteworthy that the impact of the global economic downturn for several years, as icing on the cake of the LED display industry, its product supply and demand is greatly limited. In order to seek market share, the past few years LED display industry, small and medium enterprises in order to survive, at the price war on this "kill the enemy one thousand, since the loss of eight hundred" way tragic competition, resulting in many small and medium enterprises profitability greatly reduced , The industry business failures are not uncommon, and in the future LED display technology innovation wave of the impact of the "old" technology gradually appear outdated, which was the lack of innovation in China's LED display business, is undoubtedly a huge blow to the more by eating "Ben" technology to survive the LED display business will be a fatal blow.

In general, the current field in the conventional screen, many companies even less than 10% of the gross margin. In recent years, China, especially in the north of Guangzhou and other first-tier cities in the human cost and housing rental costs increased dramatically, coupled with the second half of last year, raw material prices and other factors, a comprehensive analysis, the situation in 2017 will be part of the financing capacity is low, Single-capacity small and medium-sized enterprises to survive. 2017 may be a watershed, part of the survival of small and medium enterprises will be in this wave of adjustment was shuffled out.

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