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Business show the most bright new star, transparent LED display market opportunities
Transparent LED display market expansion ready to go, the major enterprises to carry out innovation, the industry is very broad transparent industry prospects, to show the market has become a transparent LED display application of a major category. It is understood that over the past decade, China's commercial display market has been high-speed vigorous development, with the scope of application from time to time to broaden, China's commercial display market has also shown a great potential to carry out. Related materials show that the future will be even more impressive.

Commercial display applications In general, mainly in the indoor or semi-outdoor environment, especially advertising machines, digital signage, indoor monitoring and other commercial display category as the most important commercial market share to LCD screen and DLP splicing screen-based, But with the development and application of transparent LED display, in the market significantly transparent LED display market share is gradually increasing. Due to some of its transparent LED display its unparalleled advantage has gradually highlighted.

Often, in the commercial display market, due to the traditional LED display with poor display, inappropriate for a long time near the crowd to watch, not lit when the poor beauty and other defects in the mall, brand stores, commercial buildings and other applications Beginning limited. In recent years, small-pitch LED display in the needs of precision display came into being in these areas have also been sought after, and even had a mature application.

From a certain level point of view, in the Shangxian City for transparent LED display, the 2017 so far, transparent LED display has been achieved than a huge technical breakthrough, it has successfully created a new LED display, The success of the transparent LED display to another peak. We are clear that, because the transparent LED display with a transparent, stylish, beautiful, generous and other characteristics, so in the display market, transparent LED display applications began to become like a duck, popular. Since last year, some transparent LED display manufacturers not only create a lot of excellent large-scale case projects, and also transparent LED display products on the innovation, Wittem has been creative display in the forefront. In the case of continuous development of transparent LED display, look forward to the future development of transparent LED display will be limited

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