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How can LED display companies implant the concept of "green environmental protection" to optimize development?

"Energy-saving emission reduction" concept has a long history, has been China's sustainable development strategy is one of the important assessment criteria, that is, energy conservation and reduce energy consumption. LED display industry as an important part of the manufacturing sector, "green manufacturing" is also becoming a LED display manufacturers focus on the topic. In the State Department launched the "Made in China 2025" we can easily find that the concept of green development is one of the core elements of its guiding ideology. In order to take the "energy saving" trend of the express, the major LED display companies are rushing to launch a green energy-saving LED display products to meet the ever-changing market changes.

China's LED display industry deep plowing development for decades, experienced "Fenghua Zhengmao" brilliant period, but also bear the "reign of terror" downturn. Chinese enterprises in the LED display quality, technology, innovation has also made significant achievements. But the current status quo, China's LED industry is facing a dangerous and opportunities coexist situation. Increasing competition, profits continue to decline, frequent production capacity has become the development of LED display industry in common. LED display enterprises only through the development of "green manufacturing" production methods to make products in the manufacturing design, the use of recycling, dismantling and reuse the whole life cycle process, improve resource energy utilization is high, reduce the environmental pollution, has been reduced On human health and social harm, and coordinate the optimization of their own economic and social benefits.


Energy-saving emission reduction is imperative to upgrade the technology is the key

At present, the industry has a large number of LED display companies involved in energy-saving emission reduction research and development and production process. In recent years, the outdoor media maintained a rapid growth trend, which as the protagonist of outdoor media favor - LED display, each year is more than 25% growth rate, becoming the main force of outdoor advertising strong. In particular, first-tier cities, outdoor LED display has become the new darling of advertisers, in the city's commercial center, outdoor LED display can be seen everywhere.

In addition, the emergence of LED transparent screen, but also for the application of LED display a new application to open a new way. From the architectural glass curtain wall to commercial retail windows and other multiple markets have layout, has become a new field of development of new media. Light bar screen innovation is based on the LED transparent screen on a small innovation, the entire manufacturing process, lamp beads packaging, control systems have been targeted to improve, in addition, LED transparent screen hollow design structure, But also relatively reduce the structural components of the block of sight, not only to improve the perspective of the effect, but also has a novel and unique display, the audience standing at the ideal distance to watch, the picture like hanging on the glass curtain wall.

In view of the LED display itself is a light-emitting material is a natural type of energy-saving properties, but in the actual application process, the display area is usually a large occasion, long time running with high brightness playback, power consumption can not be underestimated. In the outdoor advertising applications, the advertising owners in addition to the cost of supporting the LED display itself, the electricity will be with the use of equipment, time and geometric growth. Therefore, only from the technical level to enhance the root cause to solve the problem of greater energy efficiency.

"Light pollution" situation in line with the inevitable demand

LED display industry want to truly "energy-saving emission reduction" of course, can not just rely on the technology and shape through the innovation and transformation, but also should listen to the city's voice. With the outdoor LED display technology continues to improve, LED display brightness has also been greatly improved, and even some times the brightness of the sun several times. According to professionals, in the strong light, if the LED display installation position is too low, the naked eye for the human cornea and iris is likely to cause harm, visual fatigue and vision loss phenomenon, serious or even serious impact The body of the brain central nervous, people feel dizzy, and other bad body phenomenon.

In the city to enhance the image at the same time, LED display strong light on the nightlife of urban residents caused by the negative impact is inevitable. Especially in recent years, the general public awareness of environmental protection enhanced by the LED display brought about by the "light pollution" problem is also concerned about complaints throughout the country have occurred. Therefore, so to grasp the brightness of the settings in order to ensure that the existence of LED display is the finishing point of the city lighting project, and not to cause the "urban environment" hazards.


Enterprise internal resources optimization "energy" is also a matter of urgency

LED display enterprises in response to the "energy-saving emission reduction" call, not only from the product quality, technology research and development of these "hardware" to start, but also should strengthen the business in the way of management and other "software" problem. Strengthen the production workshop energy-saving emission reduction management system, specialized division of labor and then improve production efficiency. And, adhere to the new road to industrialization, to promote the upgrading of the traditional LED display industry. Improve the core technology industry in the proportion of LED display manufacturing. But also actively implement the "Teng cage for birds" strategy to speed up the elimination of backward production capacity, technology, technology and facilities to further optimize the production structure.

LED display enterprises should also follow the concept of circular economy to speed up the ecological transformation of the production workshop to promote the ecological production workshop and industrial park construction, construction of cross-industrial ecological chain, to promote waste recycling industry. But also should be timely to promote the production workshop cleaner production, from the source to reduce the generation of waste, to achieve from the end to the pollution prevention and production of the whole process of control changes to promote LED display production plant energy consumption, industrial solid waste, packaging waste Reduction and resource utilization, control and reduce pollutant emissions, and comprehensively improve the efficiency of resource use. And focus on resource recycling, and actively carry out alternative technologies, reduction technology, re-use of technology, resource-based technology, systematic technology and other key technology research, breaking the bottleneck restricting the development of circular economy.

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