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What is the difference between fixed and rental LED transparent screen?
The transparent LED display screen is usually divided into rental installation, seat installation and fixed installation. Specific installation methods to be used, need to be specific according to the use and site environment. The following is a comparison between fixed and rental LED transparent screens:

1. Display effect

Generally, the traditional fixed LED transparent screen can be propagandized and play video video images. However, the LED rental transparent screen should be tested by hd cameras and cameras, and the refresh and display requirements of the screen body are more strict and the general configuration is higher.

iClear-S transparent LED screen lifting and panel display

iClear-S transparent screen lifting and panel display

2. Differences between pannel
For example, in places like glass curtain walls and shopping malls, LED transparent screens are fixed. Generally, supports are used to fix and install them. Like a concert, stage performances, such as auto show this kind of temporary places, LED transparent screen often can remove, structures, and transportation, the housing demands in the structural design of disassembly is convenient, but also in the requirement on light weight, convenient transportation, usually made of die-casting aluminum housing structure is thin, high stability, convenient to install remove at any time.

3.Installation method
The transparent LED pannnel structure is designed with fast lock, which is convenient for disassembly and installation. With hook design, it is directly hoisted on site, or with Japanese frame design, and fixed on site, which is more convenient for construction. For example, after a concert, it can be disassembled and transported to another stage site for construction, which saves time and effort. And glass curtain wall LED transparent screen, it is to install a position to be fixed normally hind, won't move easily.

The above are the differences between fixed installation and lease, and because of these main differences, the two will have some differences in product configuration and structural design, which also leads to certain differences in price between them. 

At present, the transparent LED products installed by VTEAM are mainly Isky, which are mainly used in such places as glass curtain wall, sky curtain and glass walkway. The rental LED transparent screen products are mainly vClear and iClear series, which are mainly used in concert, stage performance, auto show, large-scale evening party and other fields. Provide product and solution standardization and customization service, welcome to consult.
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