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How to choose Transparent LED display screen with good energy saving quality?
    With the increasing awareness of global energy conservation and environmental protection, the issue of energy conservation and emission reduction has been strengthened from time to time. Many LED display manufacturers have also introduced LED displays with various energy-saving technologies.

    The energy-efficient Transparent LED display screen is not a technical improvement of a certain device, but a multi-faceted technological innovation of the overall solution. High-end aspects, not only the high-end components of the material performance, the new processing technology, scientific and reasonable structural design, but also has a single point detection, point-by-point correction and other functions, so that the brightness uniformity ≤ 5%; and the cabinet flatness Also need to improve, improve the display effect, reduce the screen failure rate; energy-saving aspects, the kit is a new design, control reasonable tolerances, can maintain a suitable gap between the modules when working at high and low temperatures; LED lamp operating current under the same brightness Smaller, it can effectively reduce heat; the cabinet device has intelligent temperature control and intelligent brightness control, which reduces the display temperature, improves the display effect and prolongs the life of the display.

VTEAM Transparent LED screen

    With advanced technical support, Transparent LED display are guaranteed in terms of energy saving, environmental protection and product quality. The specific items can be judged from the following:

    1. Constant current noise reduction technology
    The Transparent LED display screen driver chip adopts the internationally advanced dedicated chip system, which is the leader in the field of full-color LED display. Combined with the characteristics of its chip, the research has formed a constant current noise reduction technology to ensure that the impact of other noise sources such as power supply on the LED electronic screen is reduced to a minimum.

    2, brightness adjustment technology
    In order to adapt to different weathers and achieve the best display effect, the LED transparent display is specially designed with 256-level adjustment device. Ensure that the entire transparent display can achieve the best display in all kinds of environments.

    3. Strong convection heat removal system
    When the Transparent LED display screen is working, the heat generated by the screen body is high. In order to ensure that the entire display system is operating in a stable state, the research on the heat dissipation system of the display screen has a strong convection heat removal system. In addition, the heat conduction effect of aluminum is utilized to make the heat dissipation system more stable and reliable.

    4. Special protection technology for environmental protection materials
    The use of environmentally friendly materials, through special processes, without the need for glue, can make the Transparent LED display screen module to achieve dust-proof, UV-resistant environmental protection purposes.
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