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transparent LED screen brightness selection and environmental reference

In addition to considering the size of the screen, the installation method, and the requirements of the display effect, the choice of the transparent LED screen should be reasonably selected according to the requirements of the use environment, such as the common indoor light environment and outdoor brightness requirements, to reasonably select the transparent screen product.

1: Some transparent LED screen manufacturers only do high brightness, no low brightness, or low brightness product specifications, use high-bright products to customers and then reduce the brightness, the cost ratio increases a lot, quite high price, Consumers are not good.
2: The brightness range of the general indoor transparent LED screen is recommended to be around 800-1200 cd/㎡, preferably not exceeding this range. Too bright affects the viewing effect, glare, electricity, and so on.
3: Glass curtain wall transparent LED screen If the direct sunlight is in the range of 5000-6000cd/㎡, and some places have already limited the brightness of the outdoor LED display.

4: LED semi-outdoor facing no direct sunlight, according to customer environment 3000CD-4500CD/㎡ perfect satisfaction.

VTEAM provides the most suitable solution according to the customer's environment to meet the customer's choice of brightness, such as the following range:

So that the real cost performance is the highest and stable, if there is related transparent LED screen price and product consultation, welcome to consult VTEAM!
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