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Standardization Or Customized transparent LED screen development model Where to go?
transparent LED screen scale production of "regular" products, has been not favored by the market. At present, customized transparent LED screen products still occupy the mainstream of the market, customers are more and more preferred and require "customized" products; and "standardization" can reduce costs, improve production efficiency, reduce consumption... and so on. Nowadays, in the consumer-led transparent LED screen market, the industry has been vocal in one time. Standardization or customization, a stone provokes a thousand waves. Where is the transparent LED screen development model?

Standardization Or Customized transparent LED screen development model

Market biased towards "customization"

transparent LED screen customization has been proposed for several years, and customization can meet the individual needs and realize the “production by sales”. The development of the LED industry to today, the phenomenon of homogenization is serious, leading to the compression of corporate profits and increased market competition. At the same time, China's consumption structure has been continuously upgraded, and consumption habits have undergone earth-shaking changes. Traditional functional products have been unable to meet the needs of local consumers. Customization is a product of the high-end field, and it is a leader in the industry to enter this field. In this era of enthusiasm for individuality, special customized product services can indeed win market favors more quickly.

With the advent of the custom era, transparent LED screen companies must strive to meet the diversified requirements of customers, which also puts forward higher requirements for the development, production, marketing, enterprise management and after-sales service of transparent LED screen enterprises. Continuously update and improve the entire operating system chain to better adapt to and serve the market.

"Standardization" to maximize resource utilization

It is understood that the standardization of industrialization is to achieve standardization of production through standardized components, so as to achieve efficiency priority. If the transparent LED screen manufacturing industry has a standardized system, the enterprise can maximize the utilization of resources, and the products can also achieve mass production on the basis of standardization, thereby reducing operating costs and improving the competitiveness of enterprises.

The transparent LED screen industry may be able to adapt to the quantification of production in a true sense through standardized production. transparent LED screen enterprises can adapt to the standardization needs of various application fields, in order to promote transparent LED screen enterprises to make the market bigger. Just as the current channel is booming, when the market demand becomes larger, the only way to expand the channel is to achieve standardized production of the same category. Through the channel to carry out a large number of standardized product wholesale, inventory sales convenience, no money, no money, large-scale production. It not only reduces costs, improves product cost performance, but also avoids complicated production processes under uniform standards, and also provides support for product quality assurance.

VTEAM led transparent display screen

Standardization Or customization, the right to speak is finally in the market

Standardization and customization have their own strengths and have their own needs. The purpose of standardization is to reduce the cost and reduce the consumption by standardizing production, bringing greater benefits to transparent LED screen consumers, which is aimed at the target group; however, customization can satisfy the individualization of consumers and higher levels. The demand is for the target individual. Both are oriented to the needs of transparent LED screen consumers. Lin Wen, director of research and development at VTEAM, believes that customization and standardization complement each other. LED display customization products can be standardized, and standardized products can be customized for production. Even transparent LED screen customization is required to achieve large-scale production and The development of industrialization, the premise and foundation is partial standardization.

The advantages and disadvantages of standardization and customization are more obvious, not only for the two sides to ring the service alarm that needs to be upgraded, but also for consumers to choose transparent LED screen products to provide solutions. It is believed that with the development of technology and market, the transparent LED screen industry will gradually improve and form a relatively reasonable industrial structure, with product manufacturing enterprises based on large-scale and standardized production, and technology based on market application and promotion. The development direction of service-oriented enterprises, such as professional application-oriented enterprises that meet the needs of professional markets, will also be of great help to the future development of the transparent LED screen industry.
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