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What are the conditions for the auto show transparent led display screen ?
The transparent LED display can easily create a smart, translucent aesthetic, full of fashion and technology. Popular in the high-end business display field. In the above-mentioned sea car show and Guangzhou auto show, the LED transparent screen competes with the new car products in the booths of major automobile brands, highlighting the avant-garde and technological sense of the brand and the car.

VTEAM auto show transparent led display screen case

What are the conditions for the auto show transparent LED  screen? Generally used in the auto show transparent LED display to meet the following three points:

High contrast

Due to the close viewing distance and long time of the auto show LED transparent display screen, the brightness should not be too high. The color and uniformity of the screen surface are particularly important. At the same time, the ambient light of the auto show is more complicated, and an anti-glare design is also needed. However, since the transparent LED display is composed of a dot matrix, the color of the LED lamp and the defects of the soldering will affect the visual effect. This birth defect can be solved by using a black light and a black mask.

VTEAM auto show transparent led display case

High refresh
Faced with the media camera and camera, if the theme luxury car is handsome, but because of the LED transparent screen refresh rate, brightness, gray level and other indicators on the booth are not up to standard, the photos taken due to water ripples or moiré, this will It is a negative impact on the brand. Therefore, the LED transparent screen refresh rate selected by high-end car brands is above 2000Hz. At the same time, the video broadcasted by the auto show has its particularity. The car brand reflects the good performance of the car. There are often some single-color lenses such as mountain waterways, and sometimes the lens switching is fast and slow, requiring LED transparent screen to have higher The degree of color reproduction is such that there is no delay or smear when the image is presented.

Modeling ability
The curved LED transparent display brings a wider field of view and a relatively larger display area; the extended design of the main screen of the stand and the transparent screen, which requires the LED transparent screen manufacturer to have a higher styling ability. At present, VTEAM has launched LED transparent screens that can achieve a variety of creative mix and match of ±15 ° curved, round, misaligned. Emphasis on multi-use and versatile one-screen, but also reduce inventory pressure for leasing companies.
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