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Interactive LED transparent screen implementation of two common methods
The traditional transparent LED display is aimed at the audience in the way of "one-way communication", which is not only "passive", but also gradually lack of dynamic and new ideas. As a result, with the rapid development of LED transparent display technology, the interaction between LED transparent screen and the audience can be grafted in a better way, becoming the "explosion point" in the current industry. At the present stage, LED transparent screen can realize "human-screen interaction" mainly in the following two ways:

1. screen network linkage

"Networked control broadcast" is a transparent LED display and combined with the development of the Internet, mobile phone, PC, computer, such as port, to network operations, combined with the current popular qr code, the APP and so on many functions, realizes the transparent LED screen screen and combined interaction between audience, stimulate the growth of the audience's interest, enhance the audience's participation.

Glass plank interactive LED transparent screen

Glass plank interactive LED transparent screen

2. Carrying touch technology

At present, the LED transparent screen can realize direct "human-screen interaction" by carrying "touch technology (sensor)". At present, the LED transparent screen of the glass walkway in the scenic spot is the most direct proof.

Other interactive technologies, such as absorbing body sense technology, augmented reality technology, face recognition technology and other cutting-edge technologies to achieve interaction. As a leading brand of LED transparent screen in China, witmer has been able to realize the screen linkage and touch function of LED transparent screen through years of technical accumulation. Consulting products and solutions are welcome.

It is believed that the emergence of interactive technology has made the application of LED transparent screens more diversified. "human-screen interaction" has also become an important direction for the function and value improvement of LED transparent displays. In the future, more and better interactive technologies will appear.
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