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The 5th World Internet Conference on the impact of the LED transparent screen industry revolution
Today, the 5th World Internet Conference was held in Wuzhen, Shuixiang, from November 7th to 9th, with the theme of “Creating a Digital World of Mutual Trust and Co-governance – Joining Hands to Build a Community of Cyberspace Destiny”.

The meeting was attended by the highest national leader Xi Jinping, and the importance is self-evident. Hot topics include artificial intelligence, 5G, big data, network security, digital silk roads, and so on. And there is an overall improvement in the level of inheritance innovation, internationalization and intelligence. There will also be unmanned sightseeing vehicles, VR/AR applications, and roadless driverless applications in the conference scene.

The Internet of Everything is also the trend of the times, showing its indispensable role. For the LED transparent screen enterprise, the giant wheel of the Internet has not traveled smoothly to the destination. On the contrary, it also produces a "seasickness" effect. A lot of attempts to use the Internet to develop and grow their own LED transparent screen manufacturers have failed to do so. From the marketing side, there are few companies in the industry that use the Internet platform to market and succeed, and at least one company can rely on the Internet to truly grow and develop itself.

The fifth World Internet Conference

At the time of the rapid development of the Internet, LED transparent screen companies failed to catch up with the windmill. Now, what is the attitude of AI technology that is popular around the world?

Some enterprises said that intelligence will be the next outlet for LED transparent screen, which represents the future development trend of the industry; some enterprises believe that LED transparent screen is only a display terminal in the end, and has little interest in intelligentization, compared with the future development trend of the industry. Enterprises are more concerned about sales profits, and they are concerned about the practical problems of rice bowls. After all, the current LED industry is fiercely competitive and may go out at any time. At this time, talking about the future can only be a matter for big companies. For most small and medium-sized display companies, AI is just a topic of tea after dinner. . Even if the industry is interested in these large enterprises, in terms of intelligent development, it only proposes some conceptual and is in the initial stage of exploration and development. At present, it is barely linked to "smart", that is, the display automatically adjusts the color temperature, and the "human screen interaction" is very low-level intelligence. LED transparent screen intelligence is very passive, but limited to the display function.

In addition, as a special product, LED transparent screen is still somewhat uncertain in terms of engineering development and general standardization development. In the foreseeable future, based on the development of the Internet and AI technology, the future is bound to be a highly developed information technology and a world of all things. LED transparent screen companies must make changes if they want to be eliminated by the times. Nowadays, with the development of smart cities, the penetration of LED transparent screen applications has been very extensive. As a very important information carrier, how to give it more functions, perhaps the problem that LED transparent screen enterprises should think now.
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