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Breaking news! | Leyard Vteam rental products got iF Product Design Award

The "iF Product Design Award" in Germany, founded in 1953, is one of the world's most authoritative and influential industry design award, and together with the German "Red Dot Award" and the "IDEA Award" in the United States are known as the world's three major design awards. The award is held annually by the Hannover Industrial Design Forum, Germany's oldest industrial design agency, and is known worldwide for its "independent, rigorous, and reliable" judging philosophy.


In 2020, total 7,298 designs from 56 countries around the world participating in the "iF Product Design Award".  After being selected by an iF independent review conference composed of international experts, Leyard Vteam -LED Rental Series products rely on excellent product design and excellent performance stands out and is favored by 78 professional judges, winning the "iF Product Design Award".

Vclear-Pro is a kind of  innovative rental  transparent led display of Leyard Vteam, it is transparent, novel structural, HD high brightness, simple application, intelligent control, energy saving and environmental, novel imaging etc. Vclear-Pro is widely used in TV station evenings, concert, large entertainment columns, car exhibition, and high-end exhibition etc all different scenes. It is realize the  unique and novel applications.

Vspirit is new generation of Leyard Vteam rental led display series, it adopts an integrated high-strength frame design, and a modular design of cabinet, module and power supply. Patented arc lock design makes arc stitching more firm and reliable. V-Spiritrental series include VS indoor rental series, VSO outdoor rental series and VSF rental led floor series.

V-Ares outdoor series is a new III outdoor die-cast aluminum cabinet, which adopts an integrated high-strength frame design and a modular design of cabinet, module and power supply and supports per-point chroma and bright point correction. While ensuring the same brightness and chromaticity, it also ensures the presentation of perfect picture details,  correction self-reading and dual backup.

V-Rhea is one of Leyard Vteam latest launched indoor rental screen series, which is adopted with integrated high-strength frame design, modular design of cabinet, module and power supply. The low gray displaying effect of Vhea is better with nationstar 1515 black led lamp and dark black mask design. Also It is available for front and rear maintenance for  convenient maintenance.

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