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12,000 sqm huge screen, Leyard Vteam help for the war "epidemic"

Unity, common battle "epidemic"!

12,000 sqm  huge screen, Leyard Vteam help for the war "epidemic" 

Let us cheer for China! Cheer for wuhan!

Leyard Vteam led transparent conformal display speak for love!

10, February  - 23, February, WE ARE TOGETHER. More than 140 stars speak for love, jointly launch the offline war "epidemic" activity,

 united to meet the challenge, united to fight the epidemic, together cheer for China! Cheer for wuhan! Leyard Vteam 12,000 LED conformal transparent display lighting up the city lights, so that the night is no longer dark.

Leyard Vteam 12,000 ㎡ LED conformal transparent display

This is a big online and offline anti-epidemic activity with stars launched by and bilibili come on called

 "Go China! and Unity to Fight the Epidemic"  Invite hundreds of domestic and international famous stars and stars from HK, Marco, 

Taiwan include Xiaoming Huang, Mi Yang, Angelababy,  Yilong Zhu, Yifan Wu, Yixing Zhang, Yaxuan Xiao, Wen Li, Bibi Zhou, Daheimoji, Reba Dili, 

Jiaqi Li, Weiya etc to record the epidemic prevention and blessing videos. And also play these videos to propaganda epidemic prevention info at landmark

 lighting building facades in Shanghai, nantong, suzhou, wuxi, yixing, changzhou, weihai, weifang, changsha, wenzhou, chaozhou, changchun, shenyang, guangzhou etc 15 cities. with science and epidemic prevention knowledge. Hope this beautiful luminous scene can give you more power!

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