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Soft LED Mesh Screen Smart

Smart is an outdoor LED mesh screen series, its unique soft structure allows the screen to bend, roll up, hang and fold a variety of unique shapes. The products are widely used in the stage background design, bar ,  building facades, and a variety of scene layout and decorative lighting.

1.  Building Lighting, big-area building facade advertising.
2.  Customized Pitch, Color, Size, Shapes, installations, locations.
3.  DMX supported, the left pixels will continue working if any pixel is failed.
4.  IP66 waterproofed grade.
5.  Super-Iow temperature -40°(- workable.

Soft LED Mesh Screen Smart Series
Part Number Smart6-DMX Smart8-DMX Smart6-BPR Smart8-BPR
Brightness 15CD/dot 20CD/dot 15CD/dot 20CD/dot
LED Configuration SMD 2727 6LEDs SMD 2727 8LEDs SMD 2727 8LEDs SMD 2727 8LEDs
DOT. power consumption 1.44W/dot 2.88W/dot 1.44W/dot 2.88W/dot
Display Scale 16.7million 16.7million 68.7Billion 68.7Billion
Gray Scale 8bit / 16bit 8bit / 16bit 12bit 12bit
Signal Format DMX DMX BPR BPR
Refresh Rate 1000 / 2000Hz 1000 / 2000Hz 2000Hz 2000Hz
IP Rating IP66
Pixel Pitch  55mm/80mm/100mm/110mm/ 160mm/xmm
Viewing Angle   120°(H)/120°(V)
Working Environment Temperature -40℃~+45℃ ,Humidity 10~90%RH
Working Life 100,000 hours
Installation Rental installation / fixed installation
Packaging Wooden box
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